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"Unique singer and artist Andrea Pizzo leads audiences through this brand new EP of originals with a powerfully unusual and expressive voice, and a brilliant fusion of classic rock energy and spacious intimacy."


- StereoStickMan -


Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice is a collective of artists that mixes rock, pop and electronic music. The new single is called “The Machine” and it is a song that reflects on the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, between emotions and algorithms, between freedom and control.

 What happens when humans rely too much on artificial intelligence? What makes us different from machines? What does it mean to be free in a world controlled by algorithms?

 These are some of the questions we asked ourselves while writing this song, which is intended as an invitation to think critically and express our individuality.

The song has an electrorock/electropop sound, with a distorted guitar, an electronic drum and the peculiar voice of Purple Mice. “The Machine” is part of our future album “Transhumanity”, which explores the theme of the relationship between human beings and technology.

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